Samplitude on a tablet – part II

This is part two in the adventure where I’m experimenting with using my DAW on a tablet with only a touch interface. See here for part one: Samplitude on a tablet – part I

I believe I have found the most productive combination of toolbar buttons. I have also updated the Thinkpad tablet to Windows 10 and everything still works smoothly.


This is the set of toolbar buttons I settled on. These actions are optimized for recording and arranging song ideas, not mixing. There are 18 buttons:

  • toggle drawmode – shows/hides track control panes
  • show/hide track editor – edit a single tracks properties, access to plugins
  • show/hide mixer
  • group objects
  • ungroup objects
  • toggle snap
  • undo
  • split object
  • remove range
  • zoom=10s
  • zoom=60s
  • lock all audio – Prevents accidental moving of objects. With a keyboard I use shortcuts to toggle the Lock/Unlock┬á state of individual objects. With touch it is easier to have a single global lock.
  • cut – Normally I ctrl+drag objects to copy them but cut/copy/paste works better with touch.
  • copy
  • paste
  • toggle metronome
  • rec
  • play/stop

The Windows task bar is back at the bottom of the screen and hidden. Swiping up from the bottom shows the task bar and gives access to the touch keyboard.

If you use multiple time signatures like I often do, I recommend setting the project time signature to 1/4 or 1/8 and NOT adding any signature changes. This makes it easier to move song sections and parts around.