UltraRes Bass cabs for Axe FX II


Here is a bunch of bass cabinet impulse responses (IR) that I created. An impulse response is a measurement that can capture the response of an audio device. You run a stimulus signal through the device, record the output and give the stimulus plus the recording to a program that calculates the impulse response. The impulse response can then be loaded to a DSP processor (an audio plugin or a hardware device) and it will emulate the behavior of the original device. An impulse response does not capture everything, it is limited to the linear time-invariant behavior. In practice this works very well for emulating speaker cabinets.

These IRs are for use in the Axe FX II hardware processor. There is an updated pack that also contains WAV files for use in any software that handles IRs.

Download zip file here: rdnzl-bass-cabs-20140209.zip

IR capture / AD / DA: Axe FX II
Poweramp: Matrix GT1000FX 1U

  • C414 = AKG C414ULS, cardioid pattern
  • M88 = Beyerdynamic M88TG
  • D112 = AKG D112
  • MM1 = Beyerdynamic MM1 measurement mic

Batch 1: Mics at center of the cone
Mic distance: as close as the D112 will go without touching the grill of the Mesa cab. This gives a speaker cone->mic capsule distance of about 8cm.
All mics phase-aligned by ear using noise.

Mesa/Boogie 2×15″ RoadReady EV
C414 MA5 #22 rdnzl MB2x15 C414
M88 MA5 #23 rdnzl MB2x15 M88
D112 Grace #28 rdnzl MB2x15 D112
MM1 Grace #29 rdnzl MB2x15 MM1

EBS ProLine 410
D112 Grace #24 rdnzl EBS4x10 D112
MM1 Grace #25 rdnzl EBS4x10 MM1
C414 MA5 #26 rdnzl EBS4x10 C414
M88 MA5 #27 rdnzl EBS4x10 M88

Edit: Zip file updated 9 Feb 2014: “rdnzl EBS4x10 C414 fixed” replaces the earlier version “rdnzl EBS4x10 C414”. On the original IR the mic highpass filter was accidentally left in the 150Hz position. Oops. Not good for bass 🙂


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