rdnzl UltraRes Bass cabs – part II


Here is a bunch of bass cabinet impulse responses (IR) I created. An impulse response is a measurement that can capture the response of an audio device. You run a stimulus signal through the device, record the output and give the stimulus plus the recording to a program that calculates the impulse response. The impulse response can then be loaded to a DSP processor (an audio plugin or a hardware device) and it will emulate the behavior of the original device. An impulse response does not capture everything, it is limited to the linear time-invariant behavior. In practice this works very well for emulating speaker cabinets.

This package contains WAV files for use in any IR software plus *.ir and *.syx files for use with the Axe FX II hardware processor.

Download here:  rdnzl Bass cabs April 2014.zip

This cab pack extends the previous pack from February with the Mesa 2×10 cab and has more mic positions. Every cab & mic that was in the previous pack should be included here. There may be slight differences because the IR:s were shot with different AD-converters and software.


  • Antelope Orion

Mic preamps

  • Avedis MA5
  • Grace Design M501

IR capture

  • Voxengo Deconvolver


  • Matrix GT1000FX 1U


  • C414 = AKG C414ULS, cardioid pattern
  • M88 = Beyerdynamic M88TG
  • D112 = AKG D112
  • MM1 = Beyerdynamic MM1 flat measurement mic

Cab naming

  • “EBS 4×10” = EBS ProLine 410
  • “MB 2×10″ = Mesa/Boogie 2×10” RoadReady EV
  • “MB 2×15″ = Mesa/Boogie 2×15” RoadReady EV
  • “+tweeter” = tweeter on
  • “tweeter” = tweeter only

Mic distance

  • <not specified> = as close as the D112 will go without touching the grill of the Mesa cab. This gives a speaker cone->mic capsule distance of about 8cm.
  • “+1ft” = roughly one foot

File folders

  • ir/ raw *.ir files for cab mixing in Fractal Audio CabLab >=2.0
  • ultrares/ *.syx files for Axe Fx II
  • ultrares XL/ *.syx files for Axe Fx II XL
  • wav/ full length WAV files for DAW use etc.




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